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When you hire Dave Bentley Ecology Services you hire the most experienced wetland ecologist working in consultancy in North West England. Involved with nature conservation work since 1983 running Bury Urban Wildlife Group and Bury & District Conservation Volunteers, Dave Bentley has been managing his own ecological consultancy since 1991. Dave has a BSc degree in Environmental Management from Manchester Metropolitan University. His dissertations were on Aquatic Plants and Invertebrates in Greater Manchester Ponds and on Bats in Greater Manchester. He also has a Graduate Certificate of Science in Tropical Ecology and Conservation from James Cook University in Queensland, Australia.

The "Clients Page" shows clients Dave Bentley has worked for, basically since his first Great Crested Newt Translocation in 1989. This page shows the wide range of clients and the range of projects he has worked on.

If you are an architect, landscape architect, town planner, engineer, developer or builder you will find the following downloadable pdf useful: Dave_Bentley_Ecology_Flier_PAE.pdf

If you are an ecologist or environmental consultant you may find the following do wnloadable pdf useful: Dave_Bentley_Ecology_Flier_Eco_2016.pdf

Wetland and habitat design - an unparallelled understanding of wetlands allows Dave Bentley to provide quality designs for ponds to cater for all types or specific types of pond life. Machine supervision, habitat creation, habitat translocation, hibernacula design and construction, ecologically appropriate landscaping, pesticide use, amphibian translocation and safety schemes, brushcutting and scrub management, brickwork, woodwork and signage design and installation.His pond designs reflect the regional historical design of ponds as well as public safety.

Dave Bentley has held a Great Crested Newt Survey licence since May 1990. He was a member of the Lancashire Great Crested Newt Group which existed in the 1980s and has been organising and undertaking licensed Great Crested Newt rapid blanket surveys for 25 years.

Dave Bentley has held a Lesser Silver Water Beetle (Hydrochara caraboides) Survey licence since 1997, and a White-clawed Crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) survey licence since 2009.

Dave Bentley's area of interest includes amphibians, wetland plants and bryophytes, terrestrial habitats, wetland mammals and birds, and the following groups of invertebrates - Earthworms, Hydras, Flatworms, Leeches, Molluscs, Hymenoptera (Bees, Wasps, Ants, Sawflies), Centipedes & Millipedes, Grasshoppers, Spiders and Harvestmen, Microcrustacea, Larger Crustacea, Land and Water Bugs,  Butterflies, Caddis, Water Beetles, Leaf Beetles, Rove Beetles, Ground Beetles, Weevils, Other Beetles, Mayflies, Stoneflies, Dragonflies, Megaloptera, Springtails, Hoverflies and a growing number of Diptera groups.

Here is an example of one of Dave Bentley's Terresrtrial Invertebrate Survey:

Here is an example of one of Dave Bentley's Aquatic Invertebrate Surveys: Sample__aquatic_invertebrates_survey_Dave_Bentley.pdf


            To date Dave Bentley has personally surveyed:

  • 5170 waterbodies for amphibians
  • 4893 waterbodies for wetland plants
  • 1494 wetlands for full aquatic invertebrate surveys (and more than 2700 partial surveys)
  • 867 Great Crested Newt ponds (any one pond in any one year)
  • 96 Water Vole sites
  • 16 Lesser Silver Water Beetle (Hydrochara caraboides) ponds/ditches
  • 48 Mud Snail (Lymnaea/ Omphiscola glabra) ponds/ditches (An endangered Red List pond mollusc)

  Professional Training courses attended by Dave Bentley


Field Studies Council: 2008 NVC Mires & Heaths. 2005 Fungi, 2004 Oliver Rackham's Trees and Woodlands in the British Landscape.
2003 Wildflowers. 2002&3 Mosses. 2002 Algae. 2001 Ferns, Bats, Moths. 2000 Mosses, Pondweeds. 1999 Water Plants, Ferns, Fungi.
1998 Grasses, Sedges and Rushes. 1997 Sphagnum, Mosses.1996 Fungi.
1994 Grasses, Sedges and Rushes, National Vegetation Classification, Biological Surveying.

Tanyptera Project Dayclasses: Soldierflies, Spiders, Linyphiidae Spiders,
Craneflies, Sepsid Flies, Moth Dissection.

IEEM: 2002 Crayfish.

Sheffield Museum Day Schools: 1995-7 Hoverflies, Ground Beetles, Centipedes and Woodlice, Spiders, Ants, Picture-winged Flies, Lacewings.

ECOS: 1996 Small Mammals.

Freshwater Biological Association: 2014 Chironomid larvae.

Plas Tan y Bwlch: 1997 Habitat Management for Invertebrates.

Scuba Diving: PADI open water and advanced.

Conferences: Pond Action 1998, BHS Newt Seminar 1998, Herpetofauna Recorders Conference 1989-91, 1994, 1997-2000 (Gave talk in 2000), Urban Wildlife Partnership 1996, 1998. Great Crested Newt Seminar 1994, IALE (UK) 1993, Mammal Symposium 1990, Bat Symposium 1988, Bat Conference 1988, Water Beetle conference 1999.

Practical Training 1985 1988 variety of BTCV training courses tree felling, tree planting, hedge-laying, footpaths, fencing, walling etc. 2004 Ray Mears Bushcraft. 1997-2007 - large number of Health and Safety inductions.

Pesticide use - qualified to NPTC PA1 and PA6 (Hand held applicators) and PA6 (aw) pesticide use near water.

BBC Animal Hospital 2001 - appearance on TV dealing with amphibians on roads and in gullypots.


Overseas experience - travel and informal wildlife watching/photography experiences as follows - Australasia 13 months; Americas 9.5 months; India/Nepal 5 months; Africa 7.5 months; plus Spain, Gibraltar, Madeira, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Italy, Cyprus.










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